The Isaiah Community

Welcome to the Isaiah Community (well, the virtual bit).

We are a community of friends who gather at St John’s, Waterloo every Tuesday at 6pm to pray for love and justice in the world, and to support each other in living as if our prayers matter.

JUST GOOD FRIENDS? our series of talks about justice, friendship and spirituality is starting on April 17th. Anne Owers, Bishop Richard Cheetham, Catriona Robertson, Giles Goddard and others will speak. Unmissable! Further details are here

Our service is short (about 35 minutes), simple, and contemplative in feel, and afterwards we share cake and conversation, ending at about 7pm.

We are a very open community and people are always welcome to drop in; we meet immediately opposite Waterloo station, so it’s easy for people to come by.

On the pages that follow we describe who we are and what we do; if you’d like to know more, or to talk about how you might fit into the Isaiah Community, do feel free to contact Giles Goddard, St John’s Waterloo who will be happy to talk to you.

Or just come join us – we’d love to meet you.